An Agency with Heart

There are hundreds of insurance and financial services agencies...but we wanted to be one with a heart, who proves it with how we act relationally and financially.

WHO are we?

Enter NeoProcession, Inc., a new way to advance where everyone wins.  We sell insurance and financial services, but we make a little less than our competitors by giving a portion of our commissions to those less fortunate.

If you buy a policy from us, a portion of the commissions we receive will be donated to one of the organizations below, and you get to choose which one!

  1. Kiva

    A micro-loan website to help people in underdeveloped countries
  2. Charity: Water

    An organization whose goal is to help the 663,000,000 people without clean water have it
  3. World Vision

    A longstanding organization well known for helping individuals and villages grow over generations from poverty and illness to health and education
  4. ASPCA

    Longstanding organization well known for rescuing and protecting, as well as providing an advocates voice for animals
  5. Natural Resources Defense Council

    One of the most respected organizations for protecting and advocating for our planet's nature, creatures and resources

WHAT are we?

Only one of the most innovative and creative firms in the industry, providing products and services that most agents do not even know exist yet. As a matter of fact, just for reading this far, you recieve a free gift!

Want to try out the best?! Contact one of our staff. You’ll get top drawer products at fantastic prices and you’ll help others while you’re at it!

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